BIG Premium Membership

For $9.95 USD per week, you will have a BIG Media Premium Membership and its many benefits, including:

  • Contributing more significantly to the establishing of an alternative media company whose only agenda is the truth … and to help you LOL (or at least smile) more frequently
  • Unlimited access to the BIG Media newsfeed at
  • BIG DEAL Branded Business Bundle*  BIG Media-branded laptop case, smartphone wallet/cover and super cool pen (inkluded) with which you can accommodate autograph seekers when they realize that you are a BIG Media Premium Member. 
  • BIG eBulletin with links to top stories
  • Customized daily affirmation package – e.g. for content narcissists, we send you notes saying such things as “You are gorgeous!” and “That mirror ain’t lying; you are the greatest of all!,” whereas if you wish to remain humble, we send such inspiring messages as “Keep working hard and some day you will be average” or the classic “Today is the day that you achieve mediocrity … maybe.” If you are a narcissist who wishes to become more modest, we have the messages for you: “Hey, you are not so hot!” or “What’s the difference between a self-absorbed egomaniac and you? Nothing.” 

Advanced payment options:

* Each year, you must be a BIG Media Premium Member for at least six months to be eligible for the BIG DEAL Branded Business Bundle. Otherwise, we lose money, go out of business, and become sad.