The Big Story


With its launch on February 8, 2021, BIG Media introduced an alternative style of journalism.

Our focus is on facts, accurate data, and logical interpretation. Our only agenda is the truth.

The BIG team consists of very bright minds that have great respect for our planet and fellow humans. We are accomplished professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in curating meaningful data in a scientifically sound manner.

BIG Media reports on the most pressing business matters using verifiable facts and data to inform and empower readers. Our intent is to provide compelling information while promoting critical thinking.

Things we do:

  • Take the deep dives to determine definitive data
  • Exhibit complete openness with the sources of our information
  • Employ the scientific method in our research
  • Consistently try to prove ourselves wrong before publishing any story
  • Admit our mistakes and correct them immediately
  • Encourage critical thinking and constructive debate among our readers/members
  • Help people better understand what is actually going on in the most important matters
  • Present the same information to everyone on the planet
  • Respect the privacy of our readers/members

Things we do NOT do:

  • Allow our opinions to shape the content of our articles
  • Spin data to suit a political, moral or business agenda
  • Quote “experts” to prove a point
  • Support a political or social movement
  • Shy away from tackling controversial issues
  • Engage in personal attacks, no matter how much they might be deserved
  • Collect personal data other than basic information for signup
  • Share personal data with anyone
  • Allow advertising on our site (yes, I just said that)
  • Get influenced by advertisers … we would like to say because of our impenetrable integrity, but rather than test that integrity, we will simply avoid working with advertisers 🙂

Our entire team is deeply committed to presenting facts and figures that put important issues in context while empowering our readers/members. We are setting the bar high, and we look to our readers to hold us accountable.