Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Understanding Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning
Machine learning (also called artificial intelligence or artificial neural networks) was originally designed to help better understand how the brain works. For example, how does the brain recognize images? Have a look at the image above, and describe what you see. At the most basic...

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Residents brace for Sudan army offensive to reclaim Khartoum from RSF

(Al Jazeera Media Network) A barrage of artillery shells hit a poor neighbourhood on May 31 in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. Residents say the attack killed at...

More than 120 dead, hundreds injured in India train crash

(BBC News) More than 120 people are known to have been killed and 850 injured in a multiple train collision in India's eastern Odisha...

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Causes of death in Alberta during the second year of the pandemic

Detailed analysis of 2021 death data reveals disturbing trends

The most recent official tally of numbers and causes of death in Alberta (2021) is available publicly, and the trends are alarming. I must...
What’s done can’t be undone

What’s done can’t be undone

ChatGPT has a “mind” of its own, with apparently strong opinions about climate change, as you can see from its Shakespearean-style lament below. My contribution...
AI: Where are we and where are we going?

AI: Where are we and where are we going?

Part 2: The state of the art It is difficult to assess the “state of the art” when it comes to artificial intelligence because in...

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Pouring cold water on latest health craze

Millions of people around the world are following the lead of Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, in subjecting their bodies to extreme cold with intent...

April Fool’s Day is officially no fun at all

April Fool's Day used to be so much fun. I would dream up schemes the night before, set an early alarm, then execute pranks on...

BIG Mouth (Opinion)

The BIG story – truth and integrity are cornerstones of this media model

With artificial intelligence set to take already-problematic propaganda, misinformation, and censorship to entirely new levels, it is more important than ever that you find...

Generous subscriber inspires matchmaking service

I had a remarkable video call with one of my BIG Media subscribers the other day. He started by thanking me for doing what I do...

The Lockdown Files – playing soon at a theatre near you!

It is just a matter of time until the "Lockdown Files" scandal exposed by The Telegraph in the U.K. comes to North America. The Telegraph...

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Business and Politics: til death do us part

I regularly see posts on LinkedIn scolding the general network for the sin of posting anything that could be considered political. The wording varies, but it’s usually along the lines of: “this is supposed to be a business networking site, leave politics out of it.” It always gets lots of likes and affirmation in the comments. The problem is, politics and business are inextricably combined. Politics creates the context and the conditions for business. Politics provides the incentives and the punishments that encourage the “right” and discourage the “wrong” kind of business. The same people that buy what they want and need from businesses vote for and are influenced by politicians that represent what they believe to be their values. Overlay mainstream and social media spinning it all to amplify winning sentiments and trends (what it thinks will make them money), manipulating the emotions of consumers/voters, swaying the way they buy and...