Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Putting global emissions in perspective

Putting global emissions in perspective
Every activity, natural or manmade, from breathing to driving, generates emissions of some kind. Certain emissions are worse than others, causing pollution or, in large quantities, affecting the composition of the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases (GHGs), in particular carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), generated...

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Novel approach to treating type 2 diabetes shows prolonged normal blood sugar levels after one-time procedure

A novel approach to treating type 2 diabetes is being developed at the American Technion Society. The disease, caused by insulin resistance and reduction...

New study suggests breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive decline

A new study led by researchers at UCLA Health has found that women over the age of 50 who had breastfed their babies performed...

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It’s time to play Burst Your Bubble!

Wow – I had the best Thanksgiving weekend! An amazing turkey dinner with my family, followed by a spectacular light show performed by Mother Nature...

Friends, please share your bounty with all eligible media firms

Some of you might think that I am heavily biased toward my own platform, but I actually encourage you to support every single media...

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BIG team making big waves

Please indulge me while I help explain how in just 8 months our little startup has managed to make a BIG impact on the...

Manipulating science – activism and advocacy

In a court of law, witnesses swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This means they promise not...

Science – there is method to the madness

“Trust the science!”  It is a rallying cry heard frequently these days intended to signal truth, intelligence, and righteousness. Whether in climate change discussions or...

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Message from the Precedent

I want to set a precedent by posting a link to a story that I believe is a particularly important read. Brad Hayes' piece Taking a critical look at the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is an excellent example of how BIG Media contributors are challenging people to think critically about big issues. I encourage my fellow members to post links to important stories with or without personal commentary. Our site looks best when posts are accompanied by images so attach a screenshot of an image that goes with the story or whatever image you deem suitable. The stories highlighted in your post will often be from other media outlets. They could be excellent pieces of journalism, sensationalistic garbage, or simply thought-provoking pieces. Sometimes they will lead to in-depth analysis in a BIG Media article. You are also welcome to post your thoughts on an issue without linking to another story. Conversation starters are...

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Funeral for a glacier

Funeral for a glacier

The Icelandic glacier by the name of Okjökull – affectionately known as “Ok” – was declared dead in August of 2019. Allegedly killed by anthropogenic (human-caused)...
Face the facts – diving into the science of masks

Face the facts – diving into the science of masks

As COVID progresses, mutates, and continues to be a dominating presence in our lives, one might begin to focus increasingly on the role of...
Mask media – research is mixed but provides valuable lessons

Mask media – research is mixed but provides valuable lessons

They may seem like simple pieces of material, but masks are actually heavily researched and often sophisticated articles of personal protective equipment. In our...