Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Real science requires real peer review

Real science requires real peer review
Many important issues in the news today are built around technical information, particularly in scientific and engineering fields. Subjects such as resource exploitation, energy generation, and climate and weather are of interest to many people – but most of us do not have the...

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Netanyahu faces delicate balancing act in U.S. after Biden exits race

(BBC News) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the US this week under pressure to end the Gaza war, from both Israelis and the...

Biden steps down – who could challenge Harris for Democratic nomination?

(BBC News) Joe Biden on Sunday announced he would end his re-election campaign, and said Kamala Harris, his vice-president, should take his place. "I want to...

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Pipe problems – a detailed examination of what lies beneath us

Pipe problems – a detailed examination of what lies beneath us

I would like to talk about some things that lie under our feet. These are things that are good for our health and our...

How AI is going to terminate us

Although I haven’t seen it myself, it is reported that there is an exhibit at CERN dedicated to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the...
Are groceries really that expensive?

Are groceries really that expensive?

Co-writer Liam Ostrowski If headlines and political proclamations are any indication, Canadians are upset about current grocery prices. One recent article by the BBC highlighted examples of...

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BIG Media enters online dating realm

Rob, 57 New to the investor matchmaking world, Rob has decided to put himself out there and see what happens. SWM (supporter of wholesome media) looking...

Alleged murderous moron sticks to facts like flies on … flypaper

I admit it – I am not the brightest bulb in the toolbox. In 2020 and 2021, as I was imploring people to stay active,...

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A BIG ask and a pertinent pledge

Today, I am asking you to give BIG Media a chance. And my request comes with a promise. Over the last few years, our incredible...

Is Canada broken or not?

In today's rapidly evolving world, it seems we are seekers of sharp distinctions and quick-hitting headlines. Pierre Poilievre has become a master of it with...

Barrage of attacks on Trump could backfire

My social media and news feeds are littered with people celebrating Donald Trump's conviction and hurling all sorts of insults at the former U.S....

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