Saturday, December 2, 2023

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All I want for Christmas is … quite a lot, actually

All I want for Christmas is ... quite a lot, actually
Due to unpopular demand, I have decided to publish my 2023 Christmas Wish List. You are welcome to put any or all of them under my tree this year. Think of it as a great opportunity to experience the joy of giving. Those of you who...

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Why has the Gaza ceasefire come to an end?

(BBC News) Fighting resumed between Israel and Hamas on Friday morning, ending a seven-day ceasefire between the two sides that had seen hostages and prisoners...

U.S. says Indian government official directed plot to assassinate Sikh activist

(Al Jazeera Media Network) Authorities in the United States have said that an Indian government official directed a failed plot to assassinate a Sikh separatist on U.S....

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Federal court ruling a major blow to Canadian government's war against plastics

Federal court ruling a blow to Canadian government’s war against plastics

A ruling in Canadian federal court released yesterday could be the last straw in the Liberal government's mission to decimate the plastics industry. Justice Angela Furlanetto...

Is ‘Big Oil’ holding up the energy transition?

Major oil companies (“Big Oil”) are unpopular in many affluent nations, where many see them as opponents to an imagined rapid transition to low-emissions...
Jury duty – defendant plastics

Jury duty – defendant plastics

Plastics have been found guilty in the court of public opinion. We are reminded daily that plastics are the bane of humanity, and that something...

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Top 3 Incredible Black Friday Savings

I have never been one to get caught up in consumerism, but the lure of participating in the ever-growing phenomenon that is Black Friday...

‘That doesn’t make any sense’ and other truths about Paint Nite

Sometimes I get a birthday gift right. Like the time I found an ink-drawn Dr. Gonzo, clutching a briefcase full of drugs in one...

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One parent’s perspective on the gender identity issue

I recently celebrated the youngest of my seven children reaching adulthood. Helping my kids get to adulthood in good mental and physical health had been my...

Solving labour shortages, Step 1: hire back qualified people who were fired needlessly

Some of you might say that it is time to move past discussion of public policy missteps related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, leaders of...

Practical education is the best path to harmony

The large news organizations are too focused on the pursuit of profits to realize that their irresponsible coverage and algorithms are at the heart...

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Business and Politics: til death do us part

I regularly see posts on LinkedIn scolding the general network for the sin of posting anything that could be considered political. The wording varies, but it’s usually along the lines of: “this is supposed to be a business networking site, leave politics out of it.” It always gets lots of likes and affirmation in the comments. The problem is, politics and business are inextricably combined. Politics creates the context and the conditions for business. Politics provides the incentives and the punishments that encourage the “right” and discourage the “wrong” kind of business. The same people that buy what they want and need from businesses vote for and are influenced by politicians that represent what they believe to be their values. Overlay mainstream and social media spinning it all to amplify winning sentiments and trends (what it thinks will make them money), manipulating the emotions of consumers/voters, swaying the way they buy and...