Privacy Policy

BIG Media Ltd.’s privacy policy is much shorter and simpler than what you might be used to.

BIG Media does not use cookies or any sneaky tool to collect information about its members. We will collect basic information (name, address, and payment information) for ease of member transactions, and email addresses for dissemination of member bulletins, membership renewal notices, and electronic receipts.

BIG Media may on occasion conduct an online survey for editorial purposes. Any personal information obtained in a survey will only be used for that project. We do not use research initiatives to trick you into providing personal information with intent to sell your data. In fact, BIG Media will NOT sell your personal information to a third party. Not even a second party. And not even if that party is a really good one with live music and free alcohol.

That’s it. You may now use the extra time that you thought you would be spending on sneaky small print to go out and save the world … or read a few articles at  🙂