Saturday, February 24, 2024

An exciting new game for the entire family – Trick or Treat!

Let’s play another game.

Last week’s game “Fact or Fiction” was a big hit, generating constructive discussion of critical issues among many people in various regions.

In the spirit of Halloween, today’s game will be called “Trick or Treat”.

Rules of the game:

If you have been TRICKed into believing any of the following statements, please comment below, and I will TREAT you to cogent analysis, supported with verifiable data and logical interpretation on that topic.

The tricks:

1. A climate catastrophe is upon us. Run for your lives!

2. That continent-sized patch of garbage floating around in the Pacific Ocean that neither oceanographers nor NASA satellites seem to be able to detect is such an enormous problem, you should donate your life savings to the cause.

3. Even though plastics comprise less than 1% of the materials we use, and even though it’s totally OK to have thousands of items wrapped in plastic in your local supermarket, we should spend all of our time and money on eliminating the plastic bags in which we carry the groceries home. Oh, and we also need to eliminate every single plastic straw – even if the alternative straws arguably cause more damage to the environment.

4. It was a fantastic idea to lock down western societies in combatting COVID-19 so that most people would sit at home on their couches all day every day, thereby becoming more vulnerable to a virus that was almost exclusively a major threat to very unhealthy people.

5. It was an excellent idea for healthy people to take new drug treatments that did not stop transmission of the targeted virus and had the bonus feature of causing many severe side effects. Total no-brainer.

6. Net Zero 2050 is a brilliant policy, and we are well on our way to achieving that emissions goal without disrupting energy security or having the lights go out. Heck, why don’t we make it 2030!

7. The ocean is boiling and rising at a level that will wash millions of homes into the sea in the next few years, if not months. It is so strange that those homes are still super expensive 🤔

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