Sunday, December 10, 2023

Boring Company shows off its Las Vegas digs

Elon Musk’s Boring Company opened its underground Loop beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center yesterday, CNET reports. The concept is simple: avoid gridlock by taking traffic underground. Simplify the transport experience by putting high-tech vehicles (read Teslas) on a one-way loop and delivering on-demand rides. The experience is also simple. Get in the car, drive through a tunnel, get out the other side. The 2.7-kilometre Vegas Loop consists of three passenger stations (two above ground, one below), connected by stretches of 3.7-metre-wide tunnels, all illuminated with colour-changing LED lights. Inside the Loop, a fleet of 62 Teslas circles, picking up and dropping off passengers, turning a 25-minute walk across the mammoth convention centre into a two-minute ride in all-electric comfort. Passengers need to be attending a convention at the LVCC to be able to ride. The Boring Company unveiled its first tunnel in late 2018 in California.

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