Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Most members at BIG Media Ltd. are successful people who subscribed here because they understand the importance of establishing a trustworthy and accurate source of news on the big issues. Most are busy making the world a better place by creating jobs, performing their work at a high level, and generally being good people. They are typically not self-promoters, so it might seem weird to make a post on this platform accompanied by a photo of...

Common Interests

Common Interests Okay, I'm no expert on public sentiment, just your average Joe. But I think I can feel some building ground swell, seeking to try and counter the divides that have been aggressively growing between us. No doubt the growing divides are influenced by age old struggles, between such things as tradition and progress, freedom and authority, stability and rebuilding. But at this point in time, I sense that we are at a particularly...

Message from the Precedent

I want to set a precedent by posting a link to a story that I believe is a particularly important read. Brad Hayes' piece Taking a critical look at the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is an excellent example of how BIG Media contributors are challenging people to think critically about big issues. I encourage my fellow members to post links to important stories with or without personal commentary. Our site looks best when posts are accompanied...

The Human-Machine Partnership

I wanted to share an article I posted a while ago on LinkedIn. It was mostly relevant to geoscience data, which is what I am most familiar with, but could relate easily to many other areas: "It" is artificial intelligence. How about a partnership between human and machine? Each contributing what it does best.