Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Post about posts

Most members at BIG Media Ltd. are successful people who subscribed here because they understand the importance of establishing a trustworthy and accurate source of news on the big issues.

Most are busy making the world a better place by creating jobs, performing their work at a high level, and generally being good people.

They are typically not self-promoters, so it might seem weird to make a post on this platform accompanied by a photo of you … as I have done here.

We require that an image be included with member posts for reasons including general esthetics and our belief that it’s nice to know what people look like while we are communicating with each other. In my mind, it’s another way to foster a sense of community.

Of course, you also have the option of using whatever other image you deem suitable.

But adding a photo of yourself to a post is not a sign of narcissism; it’s just a nice way to further connect.

Robert Driscoll
Robert Driscoll
Dad, writer, entrepreneur, beach volleyball enthusiast

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