Sunday, December 10, 2023

Googly eyed gadget gobbles gobs of garbage

A googly eyed hero with millions of followers is cleaning up Baltimore’s waterways. He’s a big wheel, and it’s going to his head. Meet Mr. Trash Wheel, the brainchild of logistics company Clearwater Mills founder John Kellet. He said he got the idea for the wheel after being dismayed at the glut of trash flowing into the harbor after it rained, reports CNETMr. Trash Wheel is a large garbage interceptor that works nonstop to clean rubbish in the Jones Falls stream of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Sporting a gaping mouth, he’s winning hearts and minds by improving the prized waterfront of Maryland’s largest city. And by stopping trash before it can empty into the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, he’s making a difference far from the city limits. Realizing that the mouth of the main river feeding the harbor was the most logical place to capture trash, Kellet drew his idea on a napkin and made a small working prototype. From there, the wheel was set in motion. Mr. Trash Wheel has intercepted more than 3 million pounds of trash, making the harbor not only cleaner and more beautiful, but a nicer home for wildlife as well as waterfront businesses. Four wheels sit in Baltimore’s rivers, and soon more will be helping clean other cities across the globe.

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