Friday, March 24, 2023

Howdy from CowTown!

Thanks to Rob Driscoll for roping me into the BIG Media members club!
Looking forward to participating in this exciting learning forum.

Keeping it Beautiful,

Carolyn Y Brown

Carolyn Y Brown
Born in Red Deer Alberta and grew up in CowTown, I'm your essential AlbertaGurl. Raised by a single mother of 5 kids in beautiful historic Forest Lawn, I experienced true grit, chaos and tough love by my mom. She's now in her 80's and I'm looking after HER now. What an honour. A single mom survivor, small landscaping business owner of 22yrs, and budding philanthropist, I'm now growing my business in a BIG way. Can you say consortium and garden centres?? In 2021: fixing fiscal and operation mistakes after 2 chaotic growth years. Thank god for my Advisory Council to guide us through successfully! I will take help (volunteer only at this time 😉 if anyone is intrigued by my vision. I'm passionate about helping all peoples find their purpose.

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