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It’s time to shift the focus of this Titanic struggle

Am I stranded alone on an island here, or is it everyone else that is missing the boat?

Since before COVID-19 became a thing in North America, it has been clear that this virus really picks on those who are not in shipshape.

Yes, there are statistical outliers that mainstream media tend to showcase as much as possible, but the fact is, the majority of severe outcomes from COVID infection are among people who did not possess the life jacket that is good health when the virus struck.

Some of the pre-existing conditions that make people especially vulnerable are congenital or developed for unknown reasons. However, a LOT of these conditions are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Be it a lack of physical activity and/or poor diet, many of us have let our health slide when it matters most. Far too many have chosen to eat their way to a desserted island, their stagnation all but ensuring that they will go down with the streaming video worship.

Why?! The stakes have never been higher, and so many of us are just folding our hands.

And almost no one is talking about it.

Social media platforms are littered with posts of smiling people triumphantly proclaiming that they have received their third shot. Congratulations, folks – high-five at the fast-food drive-thru!

I see it across mainstream media and throughout my personal and business networks – the focus is on “trusting the science” and looking for pharmaceutical companies to save us from the evil virus … a virus that is particularly nasty for those who are physically unwell.

While politicians continue to imply that ubiquitous vaccination is the only path back to a society that resembles what we used to call normal, the actual science is telling us otherwise. Actual science is actually telling us that we should get our butts off of the couch and get to work on our physical fitness.

I don’t blame people for missing what should be the obvious truth that focusing on personal wellness is probably the best thing we can do for ourselves and those around us. I could choose any of thousands of articles, but this one is a good example of why so many are missing the boat – ‘Immune imprinting’ by different SARS-CoV-2 spike sequences from variants, vaccines means we now have diverse patterns

This is what you read:

The study also showed that neutralizing antibody responses against variants decay differentially over time after these mixed spike encounters. There were a number of cases of Delta breakthrough infection in two dose vaccinated individuals in the study. Levels of spike antibodies measured three weeks after the second vaccine dose were high, yet the actual levels of protective neutralizing antibody responses against Delta had fallen to zero five months after their second dose. However, a third dose of the original spike from a booster vaccine uplifts the antibody response. “These findings highlight the importance of third dose booster vaccination to reduce viral transmission,” says Professor Boyton.

Reading between the lines just a little, this is what I contend you should have read:

“The current strategy does not seem to be working very well! I need to get healthy pronto, and stay healthy, thereby minimizing the risk of a severe outcome should the virus come knocking at my door!”

I will not tell anyone, vulnerable or otherwise, that they should avoid rolling up a sleeve for a vaccine, but what they really need to do is roll up both sleeves and get to work on their fitness. A lot of vulnerable people would not be vulnerable three months from now if they just committed to becoming physically fit.

There is no denying that the overwhelming focus has been on vaccination as the solution to the current crisis, but data and logic tell us that we should make our personal health the top priority. That way, if COVID pays a visit, the symptoms will most likely be mild and manageable.

Yes, we still need to wash our hands and avoid having sick people breathe on us, but it is time to don that life jacket, take the helm, and navigate these rough waters like a pro.

This festive season, when your brother-in-law asks you, as he pours gravy over his third heaping helping of turkey dinner, “Hey, did you get your booster shot yet?” don’t be afraid to counter with something along the lines of “Well, physical wellness might be more important as we work to avoid getting sick while reducing pressure on the healthcare system.”

If you just need a little guidance for a simple home workout that will help get you into good shape, send me a direct message, and I will help you out. If you are looking to work with a professional who will guide you into tip-top form ASAP, send me a message and I will provide an introduction.

It’s time to get our priorities straight. Let’s do this!


Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll is co-founder and president of BIG Media Ltd. He is a writer and entrepreneur who is deeply committed to elevating the level of coverage of our society's most pressing matters as well as the level of respect in public discourse.

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