Friday, May 24, 2024

Judge rules that prosecutor Willis can stay on Trump Georgia election case if romantic interest Wade quits

(BBC News) The prosecutor in Donald Trump’s election fraud case in Georgia can stay on the trial, if the lawyer she had an affair with quits, a judge has ruled.

Trump and his co-defendants had tried to get Fani Willis disqualified, saying her relationship with Nathan Wade — whom she hired — had compromised the integrity of the case.

Judge Scott McAfee disagreed, but said it did create an “appearance of impropriety.”

He said either Willis or Wade should leave the case to resolve that.

In his ruling, McAfee said Willis had committed a “tremendous lapse in judgement” by engaging in an affair with Wade, and also called her testimony last month “unprofessional”.

Trump and the 18 others are being prosecuted in Georgia for conspiracy to overturn the state’s 2020 election results — which they deny.

But they accused Willis — who is leading the prosecution — of misconduct, for having a romantic relationship with Wade, a lawyer she hired on the case.

They alleged there was a financial conflict of interest, saying the couple used the money paid to Wade to fund luxury trips together.

Willis and Wade denied this, saying there was no financial benefits.


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