Sunday, September 24, 2023

North Korea will ‘pay a price’ if it supplies Russia with weapons, says U.S.

(Al Jazeera Media Network) A top White House official has said North Korea would pay “a price” if it sells weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, after Washington warned that Pyongyang was in talks with Moscow about a potential arms deal.

U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday that the United States believes the negotiations between North Korea and Russia are “actively advancing.”

“Providing weapons to Russia for use on the battlefield to attack grain silos and the heating infrastructure of major cities as we head into winter, to try to conquer territory that belongs to a modern sovereign nation – this is not going to reflect well on North Korea, and they will pay a price for this in the international community,” Sullivan told reporters.

His comments come after another official in U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration said on Monday that Washington expected North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin has refused to comment on the U.S. claims, stressing that it has “nothing to say” about reports of potential direct talks between the two leaders.

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