Saturday, February 24, 2024

Open letter to Google regarding Bill C-18

Dear Google,

I totally get why you are testing out blocking Canadian news content from your mighty search engine in response to Bill C-18.

But I have a sweet deal for you.

At, we have arguably the most accurate, spin-free news coverage, and we don’t want your money … so, how about you block all news agencies except BIG Media Ltd.

It is a privilege to have our content shared on your search engine. It allows us to reach a lot more people than we otherwise would. Those readers can then decide for themselves if our content is worth paying for (answer key at bottom of article).

If you block every news site but, Google would not be forced to pay exorbitant fees for sensationalized mainstream media garbage, and Google users would be more intelligent and less likely to engage in destructive behaviour … making the world a better place.

You are welcome.

Sundar Pichai, I am available any time next week to pin down the details. I look forward to hearing from you.


(Answer: Of course, it’s worth paying for. Sheesh.)

Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll is co-founder and president of BIG Media Ltd. He is a writer and entrepreneur who is deeply committed to elevating the level of coverage of our society's most pressing matters as well as the level of respect in public discourse.

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