Friday, April 19, 2024

Russia hacked Ukrainian satellite communications through U.S. firm, officials believe

Russia is believed to have hacked U.S. satellite communications provider Viasat on the first day of its invasion of Ukraine.

Western intelligence agencies have been investigating the incident, and while they have not yet made a public accusation, they reportedly believe Russia was behind it.

It appears to be the most significant cyber attack linked to the conflict, affecting military and government communications.

Overall, western officials say Ukraine has proved more resilient to cyber attacks than many had expected.

Western intelligence agencies are investigating the hacking of Viasat, which provides communications through a network of satellites. It appears to have been hit by a sophisticated cyber attack that wiped devices on the day the invasion began. It affected other countries in Europe, although not the U.K.

Viasat told the BBC that it was replacing some customers’ modems, but its core network infrastructure and the satellite itself were not damaged.

“Viasat is actively working with distributors to restore service for those fixed broadband users in Europe impacted by this event,” it said in a statement.

The company did not say who it thought was behind the cyber attack, and said the U.S. government would provide attribution in due course.

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