Friday, April 19, 2024

What’s done can’t be undone

ChatGPT has a “mind” of its own, with apparently strong opinions about climate change, as you can see from its Shakespearean-style lament below.

My contribution to the literary composition of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot was the simple prompt, “Write a poem about climate change in the style of Shakespeare.” The reason for the rhyme was research for Part 2 in my series of articles on AI (AI: Where are we and where are we going?) for BIG Media Ltd.

The sea of sentiment on the Internet informed the verse, which would certainly be categorized as tragedy.


Climate Change – Much Ado About Something

By ChatGPT (and Laurie Weston)

Oh, hear ye now the tale of woe

Of climate change that doth o’erflow

The lands and seas with wrathful might

And bringeth darkness to our sight


The sun doth scorch the earth below

And rivers dry, their currents slow

The birds doth flee, their homes forsaken

The very ground doth quiver, shaken


The winds doth rage, their fury fierce

The storms doth brew, their wrath doth pierce

The oceans rise, their waves doth crash

And floods doth come, their waters splash


Our careless ways have brought this plight

Our selfish deeds have dimmed the light

Our planet groans, in pain it cries

And we must act, ere hope it dies


Let us sow the seeds of change

And tend to nature’s wondrous range

Let us cherish every living thing

And to our planet, love and cling


For if we fail to act with care

The consequences we shall bear

Let us not wait, but act with haste

And save our home, our sacred place.

Laurie Weston
Laurie Weston
Laurie Weston is a co-founder and scientific strategist for BIG Media, with a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Victoria in Canada. Laurie has more than 35 years of experience as a geophysicist in the oil and gas industry. She is president of Sound QI Solutions Ltd., a data analysis software and services company she founded in 2007.

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