Saturday, December 9, 2023

Ectogenesis – our secret to recolonizing Earth after mass extinction

If it’s not global warming that gets us, it will be nuclear weapons, pandemics, or AI gone rogue. Even if we could overcome such threats, we must still contend with the many natural forces that have caused mass extinctions in the past. Could we actually divert the asteroids, squelch volcanic upheavals and find oases of food and warmth deep enough to survive severe ice ages? Despite the heroics that we see in disaster movies, the answers to these questions are more likely to be no, no, and no. The secret to saving humanity and Earth life, not only from our present follies but from most or all of the natural disasters, too – even ones in the far future – is ectogenesis, according to Matthew R. Edwards of Science X. The core idea is this. While humans, animals and plants would perish in a sufficiently powerful mass extinction event, their cryopreserved embryos and plant seeds might survive. These could be stored in deep underground bunkers for short-duration events and in fully automated, orbiting spacecraft for long-duration and far future events. After favorable surface conditions had returned to Earth after an apocalypse event, the embryos would be thawed out and raised using the emerging assisted reproduction techniques of ectogenesis: development of embryos to neonates outside the natural womb. The newborn humans and animals would then be raised by android guardians and farmers.

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