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BIG Media’s Person of the Year – Dr. Brad Hayes

BIG Media Ltd.’s Person of the Year for 2023 is doctor of geology, entrepreneur, and educator Dr. Brad Hayes.

Hayes is president of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., a geoscience consulting firm addressing technical and strategic issues around oil and gas development, water resource management, helium exploration, geothermal energy, and carbon sequestration.

Brad has been helping us understand complex issues related to energy supply and demand, energy transition, energy security, climate change, and related environmental concerns since Day 1 of BIG Media’s existence when he contributed an article that provided critical context regarding global sea levels – Sea level is rising; should we be worried?

An adjunct professor in the University of Alberta’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department and a sessional lecturer in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Mount Royal University, Brad led a team that developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “21st Century Energy Transition – How do We Make it Happen?” as a product of extensive research and consultation on modern energy issues. Thousands of people signed up for the course and have benefitted from Brad’s practical approach to complicated issues.

Brad holds a PhD in geology from the University of Alberta, and has 40 years of diverse experience applying subsurface geoscience in resource industries. He is outreach director for the Canadian Society for Evolving Energy, and a past-president of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG). He is a member of the Energy Resources Technical Advisory Committee for Geoscience BC and a Fellow of the Balsillie School for International Affairs.

Earlier this year, Brad was awarded the Stanley Slipper Gold Medal by the Canadian Energy Geoscientists Association. It is one of the CEGA’s highest awards, for outstanding contributions to Canadian petroleum geology.

Brad has also received the CSPG’s President’s Award, which is the CSPG’s top volunteer award, for outstanding service over more than 30 years of active volunteering in numerous areas.

Brad has been the keynote speaker at BIG Media’s presentation of “21st Century Energy Transition: A Call for Sensible and Balanced Energy Policy”.

Brad was the first person we recruited to write for BIG Media Ltd. because we saw that he was a relentless educator with a deep understanding of many aspects of the energy realm.

While almost all others chase each other’s tails down the journalistic drain with cherry-picked, sensationalized – and therefore inaccurate and misleading – reports on important issues, Brad reads every word of the 300-page reports from such organizations as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the International Energy Agency before providing responsible, logical interpretation of critical information and policies.

Through fact-focused examination of fundamental truths, Brad predicted the rising energy prices and general turmoil that would come with foolhardy policies tied to emission targets that do not factor in energy security nor fundamental supply chain challenges.

Examples of Brad’s exceptional work in 2023:

Please join me in congratulating Brad as our richly deserved 2023 Person of the Year.

Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll is co-founder and president of BIG Media Ltd. He is a writer and entrepreneur who is deeply committed to elevating the level of coverage of our society's most pressing matters as well as the level of respect in public discourse.



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