Tuesday, July 23, 2024

BIG Chuckle

Truth sets me free … of having friends

While executing a media business model based entirely on truth, I have adopted a personal policy of radical honesty, which means that I strive to be completely honest in all of my words and actions. This translates to losing touch with some friends and associates, but my theory is that I have deeper, more meaningful relationships with those who can tolerate my authentic self. I grant myself exemptions in my humour writing, which serves as...

Going against grain this Valentine’s Day

Heading into Valentine’s Day weekend, my social media feeds are filled with couples expressing their undying love to each other. Yuck. Florists and chocolatiers are doing big business as sweethearts say "I love you” with murdered plants and high-calorie treats. Gross. Sales of Viagra and Cialis, like their customers, are on the rise as lovers ensure that nothing softens the anticipated night of passionate love-making. Disgusting. None of that is of interest to me. I need to...

BIG Media’s new hit song – How They Fool Ya

Please excuse the singing and enjoy our light-hearted parody. You will find this very hard to believe but Mr. Driscoll did not use autotune on this track. Authenticity is at the heart of BIG Media, so we decided to keep it real. Gratitude and apologies to the late legend Leonard Cohen. How They Fool Ya - Video

Election was stolen from me. Obviously.

I know exactly how it feels to be the victim of a stolen election. Just three short decades ago, I was a shoe-in for president of the students’ union at the University of Calgary. I did everything by the book: my nomination was submitted on the deadline day with several minutes to spare I campaigned in good faith, sticking to my deeply principled platform of airing Christmas carols in the cafeteria building 365 days a year ...

Three steps to mediocrity

Rob shares his tips on the 3 steps to Volleyball mediocrity.... Three Steps to Mediocrity- Video