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Are you a ‘persuadable’? Simple test facilitates self-diagnosis and provides immediate cure!

Many millions of educated, rational people in the western world are asking themselves, “How did this happen – how did such foolish and morally bankrupt people get into the highest positions of influence in politics, the medical community, and in the environmental realm?”

I believe it is all about the persuadables.

Many politicians and high-ranking officials target the unfortunately high percentage of the population that is easily persuaded. They manipulate the persuadables through fear-mongering and orchestrated disinformation campaigns, and count on their support at the ballot box and in their bank accounts.

Well-educated critical thinkers can see past the charades, but far too many people fall under the “persuadables” category showcased in the 2019 documentary “The Great Hack”.

Regardless of whether any truth is involved, the persuadables are vulnerable to believing any compelling story.

Many persuadables are not well educated and have never learned to think critically. Others are simply the really nice folks (Really nice people are a really big problem) who want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

And some are highly educated but ill-informed. Many followers of the New York Times, Globe & Mail, and Guardian, for example, are very intelligent but dreadfully misinformed on the big issues.

Here is a quick exercise to both determine whether or not you are a persuadable, and – if you are – to cure you of this unfortunate mental malaise:

Step 1 – Stand in front of a surface that reflects while you reflect. A mirror will do.

Step 2 – Review the series of symptoms listed below known to afflict persuadables:

Step 3 (the cure) – Read the articles linked herein so that you understand fundamental principles regarding important issues and will therefore be less likely to be duped into supporting the bad guys.

The 7 deadly symptoms:

  1. If you still believe that the lock-down-and-rush-vaccinate approach was a prudent and effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be a persuadable … A look back at causes of death in the first year of COVID-19Analysis of excess deaths in 2020 reveals surprising deviationsDetailed analysis of 2021 death data reveals disturbing trends
  2. If you believe that our planet is in the throes of a climate catastrophe, you might be a persuadable … Climate change and energy: context for the great debate Sea level is rising; should we be worried?Funeral for a glacier Real climate science – uncertainty and riskOptimal holocene climate is in our rear-view mirror
  3. If you believe that the oil and gas industry is the bad guy and the alarmists flying private jets on the climate conference circuit are the good guys, you might be a persuadable … Return to sensible energy policy – a painful but necessary transitionRecognizing roots of global energy crisis might help us move toward solutionsPolicies that took energy security for granted have put much of the world in a tough spot
  4. If you voted for elitist politicians who ran on the promise that they would fight climate change … all the while they live opulent, wasteful lifestyles, you might be a persuadable … Biden’s frequent Delaware trips have cost taxpayers at least $11MTrudeau’s vacations cost taxpayers $678,000 ‘Times are tough; I should have been a Prada’: Inside the thoughts of Jagmeet Singh’s Versace bag
  5. If you believe there is only one guilty party in current geopolitical conflicts, you might be a persuadable …  Criticism of United States foreign policy
  6. If you refuse to engage in constructive debate with friends and family who disagree with you, you might be a persuadable … Please join my search for an important missing property
  7. If you are irritated or angered by my words and the work of my incredible team of scientist/journalists, you might be a persuadable … Alleged murderous moron sticks to facts like flies on…flypaper

Thank you for participating in this important exercise.

You may find this hard to believe, but I am not a trained physician. However, I promise to help you avoid persuadability flare-ups through a low-cost prescription to my proprietary concoction under the label of LOGIC (LOGIC: proprietary solution kills trolls dead).

Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll is co-founder and president of BIG Media Ltd. He is a writer and entrepreneur who is deeply committed to elevating the level of coverage of our society's most pressing matters as well as the level of respect in public discourse.

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